Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Monk's Lesson

This lesson is the most important one for us to understand and incorporate into our everyday lives. One's "Path with Heart" begins at this moment and continues throughout life. Please tell me what the lesson is. There is never judgement here, just learning and growing together. All that I ask is that you be serious and sincere with your contribution.

This is a true story from a Shaolin Temple that poses a question one must understand to become a warrior and overcome this world. Can you tell me the lesson? Please try but only if you're serious.

There was a young Shaolin Monk who had endured and trained for quite a while the intense mind and body studies required to become a true warrior priest. One day he received word that his master wanted to see him. Now most of you probably don't know that the only possessions a monk had were his clothes, a staff, and a rice bowl. These were with him always so when he went to see his master, he had these with him. Upon arrival at the master's quarters, he was told to have a seat on the bench in the outer room until summoned. He had no idea why his master wanted to see him but figured he was to be tested. After all, he was training and studying hard so what else could it be. He started going over everything he could think of in his mind wanting to be prepared and not disappoint his master. After a while, his master summoned him into the next room where the monk sat down and hoped he was prepared. There was a brief pause, then his master said, "I have but one question for you. Which side of your staff did you set your bowl?"

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