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Introduction to Meditation

Below is a free six week online course in Beginning Mindfulness Meditation by the best teacher I have ever heard, Gil Fronsdal. He is a Zen Roshi and a Vipassana (Mindfulness or Insight) Meditation Master. Each week's class has some brief written material in .pdf form included to aide you in learning this Practice. It is taught to a live group of mostly uninformed and beginning meditaters. Everyone needs to start a Path and the sooner the better. This Practice is easy to learn, very effective, but like everything truly worthwhile, it requires dedication. Gil Fronsdal is an absolute pleasure to listen to, is easy to understand, and has a wonderful sense of humor. He leads every class in a guided meditation so you will understand exactly how to do it and takes questions from the students at various times. Each weekly class is about an hour and fifteen to twenty minutes long. This is your ticket to true Happiness, Peace of Mind, Calmness, and a genuine Path to Self-Mastery and Wisdom. Enjoy!!


Several times a year Gil Fronsdal offers a 5 or 6 week instructional series for beginning meditators. These classes provide a good overview of insight meditation practice as well as many guided meditation sessions which help the student learn how to establish and sustain a daily meditation practice.
For further instruction, see the Intermediate Mindfulness series.
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This course is also available in Spanish and Chinese.

Introduction to Meditation - Breath (Part 1)
Gil Fronsdal 2007-10-03 1:11:56
Introduction to Meditation - Body (Part 2)
Gil Fronsdal 2007-10-10 1:21:27
Introduction to Meditation - Emotions (Part 3)
Gil Fronsdal 2007-10-17 1:23:28
Introduction to Meditation - Thinking (Part 4)
Gil Fronsdal 2008-01-30 1:25:40
Introduction to Meditation - Mind (Part 5)
Gil Fronsdal 2008-10-29 1:25:46
Introduction to Meditation - Daily Life (Part 6)
Gil Fronsdal 2008-02-13 1:35:00
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Brief Instructions for Sitting Meditation

2001-01-01 5:13
Instructions for Walking Meditation

2001-01-01 6:46
Mindfulness Meditation as a Buddhist Practice

2001-01-01 6:16
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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
Gil Fronsdal 2005-10-02 44:12
Mental Noting
Gil Fronsdal 2008-07-20 46:15
Guided Body Scan
Gil Fronsdal 2003-07-17 25:04
Guided Metta
Gil Fronsdal 2001-09-06 28:03
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