Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My First Lucid Dream

I had been religiously training myself every night to awaken in my dreams. This involved raising my right hand up in front of my face and studying every single detail for five minutes before lights out. It took a few weeks before anything happened but that was actually fairly quick. It can sometimes take much longer but you must not stop for even one night. I remember walking down a sidewalk next to a downtown street in my hometown. You probably have many dreams too that occur in your hometown. Anyway, for some reason, I stopped walking and raised my right hand up to my face and also looked down at the bricks in the street. I do not remember which began first but I noticed that the bricks were aligned in the wrong direction and my hand at about the same time. I immediately knew I was in a dream and Bam! Here we go!

The next thing I knew I was floating in ecstasy right above the tree tops in the most beautiful park. It was a perfect Summer's day and I could hear the sounds of children laughing. I started looking around and saw families having picnics and playing games in this park. The colors of everything were so sharp and vivid. It was breathtaking! Next, I began checking out my self. I was so peaceful and beyond happy. I felt very fluid-like as I moved at will slowly floating above the trees. It kind of felt like being in water but without the resistance. I had always loved to do somersaults in the shallow end of the swimming pool so I started doing somersaults above the park. It felt incredible! Now, I had read an old book on astral projection by Oliver Fox where he described the "rules" you must observe in this state so you do not lose it. In fact, he awoke to his first lucid dream when he noticed the street stones were running in the opposite way. It is possible that knowing of his experience also influenced mine. One rule I learned from him was not to get emotional so I enjoyed but kept my cool. After enjoying that thrill, I started checking out my abilities. I could move effortlessly in any position - lying out with my back down, on my side, stomach, any way was fine. I swear I could look in any direction without moving my "head". Strangely wonderful! I became curious about the people below now. Could they see me? No one seemed to be looking at me. I watched some boys running around and thought one of them looked right at me. Then Bam! Everything changed!

It was night time  and I was hovering outside of the entrance to a school. There were wide steps leading up from the sidewalk to the open doors and the lights were on. I need to preface this next scene with a little background information. Like I said in my previous post, I had begun studying everything I could find to help me understand this Awakening. A well-known parapsychologist had come to the local college to do a presentation so my brother and a close friend helped me go to it. We sat on the front row right in front of him. He was brilliant and the presentation was fascinating. It blew me away, in fact. It alone deserves it's own post so I may do that in the future. For now though, it is meeting him that applies to my lucid dream.When it was over, I went up to meet him. As we shook hands, he looked me in the eyes very intently as if he was seeing something. It felt strange like he somehow knew me. I left but the way he looked at me stayed in my memory. Anyway, back to the dream now. So there I was floating in front of this place of education. I felt like going in so I began to slowly float up the stair towards the open doors. There was a man in a suit coming down the stairs to my left and somewhat lower than me. Our eyes met and he stopped. It was that parapsychologist and he recognized me! His eyes were locked with mine with the same intense look as he turned to watch me enter the building. My "body" just kept moving slowly up the stairs as my "head" turned completely around looking back at him as I entered the doors. 

I was floating near the high ceiling looking around. It was an old school with lockers for the student's books and such. As I started cruising along, I encountered students walking in groups talking to each other. Every now and then a student would look up, point at me, and say, "did you see that?"! I really believe some of them could see me or see something. I remember just continuing on at ceiling level when I came to a wall. My "body" just passed right through it into a whole new environment. This gets pretty weird - in a nice kind of way. It seems like I am now in a two-story open pole barn. There are no walls or floors, just large wooden beams framing the open interior. I am still at about the same height just floating slowly in the same direction when I see the most beautiful, sexy, and completely naked girl reclining on the cross beam and leaning up against the vertical post. Wow! Hubba Hubba! She was definitely poring on the seduction as I approached her. Oh, was she something! I was taking it all in, every little detail, as I slowly, very slowly, floated by. My head effortlessly turned completely around as I kept enjoying the view. Not sure why I kept going but it seemed like this was just a sight-seeing venture. As I was still watching her making goo-goo eyes, etc at me, I floated right through the outer wall into the night. 

This part is important! Dream control has been taught throughout history for a reason to students of Elders, Shaman, Medicine Men - Men of Wisdom in every culture. While in your "dream body", you are not confined to that material form that you see in a mirror. As I said early on, I felt very fluid and movement had no limitations so I call it "soul travel". It is a way to test drive your soul. You can see what "she" can do on the open road, so to speak. So for one, you have no material limitations. The next thing I am fixing to tell you is demonstrated by what happened after I found myself outside of the pole barn in the night. I was just hovering in one spot surveying the environment. I began to "feel" a breeze and found myself looking at the gabled roof of some building. For some reason, the desire to go see one of my best friends hit me. Bam! Before it even became clear to me, I was hovering in the street looking right at his house! I could see every single detail including a light on in his living room. All of a sudden a big wind hit and pushed me back to where I had been. I fought and fought and fought this now cold wind but it was too powerful. Then I made a mistake. I started to get angry, an emotion, and the next thing I knew, I woke up freezing to death with no covers, naked, of course, and my air conditioner on high blowing cold air on me. Bummer!!

That was the end of my first lucid dream. Wow! How is that for entertainment and I never went anywhere. Or did I? Here is what you need to know from this dream. The way you realize you are in a dream is by training yourself to be critical of things in your dream. We have what is called, our "critical faculty" in our brains that keeps our definition of reality intact during our waking hours. If you saw someone walk on water, it would really get your attention. In regular dreams, though, our critical faculty is not working so seeing that would not seem unusual. In other words, you are not being critical, or judgmental, of anything. When you finally raise your hand in your dream, though, your critical faculty becomes active in your dream. Next, your Being is not confined to a rigid form and flows effortlessly without limitations. Next, once you awaken in your dream, you Must remain unattached and calm. Just enjoy it. When I got frustrated by the wind, I began losing control and coming out of my dream. Your physical environment where you are asleep can influence your dream so be sure everything is comfortable and quiet when you lie down to sleep. I was experiencing dual-consciousness near the end of my dream and the cold air won. Now, I saved this one for last because it is one of the most important characteristics of our True Nature. As soon as the initial spark of intent occurs, it is already done. We are Quantum in Nature! I wrote about it in this previous post:

Our Quantum Reality

The instant that spark of intent to go to my friend's house occurred, I was there! It could have been Alpha Centauri just as easily and I would have been there just as quick. Quantum Reality is extremely complex and will be studied by the smartest quantum physicists for ages to come. The really cool thing, though, is we just are and It is so there is nothing more to know!

I hope you have enjoyed my first lucid dream and, more importantly, gained some important insight into our True Nature. I will write about another one when I get the time. I live to share the Wisdom I have gained on my Path with Heart. It is my calling to learn, teach, and help. Please be patient though. A post like this literally takes me several hours to write because I only have one good hand to type with and it's dexterity is greatly lacking(ie; lots of proofreading and corrections). However, there are very few things as personally satisfying as doing this for you. Be well!


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Saturday, June 19, 2010

My First Lucid Dream Will Be Here Very Soon

It is a very busy time right now but I am over half way finished with this post. Sorry for the delay but one's Path is never straight. Thank you for your patience.