Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Quantum Reality

What a fantastic universe we live in! Sometime around fourteen billion years ago there was nothing and then in an instant, there was this unfathomable universe containing all of the matter that makes up our night sky, every kind of energy known, more types of matter and energy yet to be known, and, so important to us, everything needed for life to develop. At the instant the Big Bang occurred, everything in the universe was One. Now as we exist in this very moment, there is still this Oneness that unites all of us with each other and also with everything else in this incredible universe. How else can it be? We are as much One with the stars, the planets, the galaxies, the yet-to-be-discovered, and the unquestionable multitudes of life teaming throughout this material expose', in this moment, as we were One in that moment billions of years ago. So why do we think of ourselves as separate and is there any proof of this Oneness today?

We come into this world at the moment of birth in a state of blissful perfection and completely without any identity. Psychologists agree that most infants do not establish a separateness or identity until around the age of two. During this time, especially early on, infants believe that their thoughts are instantly "heard" by everyone around them - our natural state. This may very well explain the frustration and crying when an infant wants or needs something. Why do we not "hear" their wants and needs? A very logical question if only we could relive that period with our current understanding. So what happened to us? Why are we separated now? Well, somewhere around the age of two our Ego starts to take "control" and eventually assumes the position of "I". This "separate entity" has now seized the "ship" and sits comfortably in the Captain's chair. This new leadership position is heavily reinforced from the moment of it's creation to it's last breath and has long ago forgotten and abandoned the realm of One. This is our hidden curse, our "ball and chain", and the original "sin" (Cause) that got us caught in the net of Karma. We will go through endless lives, birth to death, and back to birth over and over and over until we gain the necessary Wisdom to overcome Karma, and thus, this material world. Back to our Source, back to our True Nature, back to the Oneness that is our home. But is there any evidence of this Oneness beyond the Wisdom of those Awakened individuals who follow in the footprints of Jesus of Nazareth, Lao-tse, Buddha, et al?

Actually, there is now! In the race to achieve Absolute Zero, minus 273.15 Celsius or minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, physicists discovered a level of material existence that defied the laws of everyday physics. Atoms appeared as individual points, as expected, but as temperatures fell within two degrees of Absolute Zero, the atoms started changing from separate points into waves. As the temperature continued to fall, the waves interlocked in such a way that every atom was everywhere at the same time. This new state of matter is called the Bose-Einstein Condensate* and is sometimes referred to as the "God Particle". The individual atoms have returned to their natural form, Oneness, just as it was at the instant of the Big Bang. This is our Quantum Reality - a reality science is just now discovering and far too complicated to explain here. The important point here is that science has discovered this state of Oneness and can prove that one atom can be here and at the "edge of the universe" at the same time. If scientists can recreate a facsimile of the conditions at the instant of the creation of our material universe, how difficult can it be to believe that "we" become One again when we return to our Source, Self, True Nature, or God. I believe, without a doubt, that technology is our feeble attempt to regain our natural abilities lost at the moment of our separation from this Oneness. We experience our Ego-ruled lives in a constant search for what we lost by trying to fill that void with technological tools that faintly mimic our lost abilities. This deep-seated longing is what drives us to create substitute means of transportation, communication, et al. Many seek our natural state of euphoria through the use of mind-altering drugs which actually inhibit the very thing we seek and divert us from our Path with Heart. Oh to be One again so we could instantly communicate across town or across the universe. So we could instantly be anywhere, see anywhere, hear anywhere, all at any time because time and space have no meaning in our spiritual realm or True Nature. We all still have these natural abilities but we have let our Egos hide who we really are. We do not need to go anywhere or Do anything to get back home. We never left! We can reconnect just by letting go, having the Faith to let our True Nature control everything, and then by this Non-doing, we are One.

* Predicted in 1924 by Albert Einstein, who built on the work of Satyendra Nath Bose, the condensation occurs when individual atoms meld into a "superatom" behaving as a single entity at just a few hundred billionths of a degree above absolute zero. The
71-year quest to confirm Bose and Einstein's theory was likened by many physicists to the search for the mythical Holy Grail.

"The wise man Knows without going, Sees without seeing, Does without doing."
~ Lao-tse

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The True Meaning and Power of Faith

Faith is a word that is used extensively when people talk about religion and, in particular, Christianity. This commonly used word is also understood by very few, if any, of these same people. I rarely venture into the realm of religion because of the infinite perspectives surrounding this hot-button, emotionally-sensitive subject so I will deal with it here and now. Christianity and all of the mainstream religions are necessary social structures that serve the masses well and do a lot of good for society as a whole, however, they all fail miserably when it comes to interpreting the various teachings of the true sages throughout history. For this essay, I will stay strictly on point and describe their gross misinterpretation of the concept of Faith and why understanding it's true application is crucial for those awakened individuals starting on or already on their respective Paths with Heart. First, Faith is not just believing in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, for instance, or just believing that Jesus came here and took your "sins" away, or just believing that Jesus is your "savior", and you go to "heaven". This is indeed the basic belief behind establishment Christianity. This is referred to as having Faith and you are therefore a person of Faith. This is all fine and well and does help to direct people to try to be good to others and to generally follow a well-meaning direction in life but, unfortunately, this "Faith" has absolutely nothing to do with the reason Jesus came here, says nothing about who he is, and definitely is not how one gets to "Heaven". This practice of Faith is strictly superficial and only serves to satisfy the desires of the Ego. Real Faith is the cornerstone of the Truth - the very Truth that Jesus of Nazareth, Buddha, Lao-tse, and many other true sages throughout time and throughout the world have come here to teach. So if this is not what Jesus meant when he spoke of Faith, then what is?

True Faith is the "tool", the methodology, and the only means we have to communicate with and to become One with our True Nature, our Source, Self, or God. Faith, in the strictest terminology, is the ability for one to completely give up "control" of everything in one's life and to Believe that there is a "Power", an automatic pilot, if you will, that will take over and run everything in your life perfectly. Not for just a moment or two, but for each and every moment one is in this material world. In this state of complete Faith, the "I", the "Me", the "We" do not exist and the Ego is just quietly along for the ride - and what an incredible ride it is! All of us have experienced brief moments in this natural state where everything just flows perfectly in harmony without pause, or obstacle, or care. Generally speaking, one is "in the Flow" and just effortlessly moves through time and space without a care. In fact, one feels euphoria and a calmness beyond description during these brief encounters with our True Nature. As soon as even the smallest thought interrupts this perfect bliss, the chaos and frustrations of everyday "life" return and one is back trying to control everything. Most people never give these blessings, these brief reminders of Paradise lost, another thought and continue on with their day as if nothing unusual or special had occurred. People like this are what is generally referred to as "Asleep". The vast majority of people at any point in time are "Asleep" and are incapable of awakening. This is the realm of the "righteous" religious church-going people of "faith" who seriously believe that overcoming this material world is as simple as one, two, three...."Heaven". Well, as Jesus of Nazareth said, " forgive them for they know not what they do". Religion plays an important role in their lives, nevertheless, because it helps to guide their thoughts, words, and actions (Causes) toward doing good to and for others - Good Karma. Although not necessary, the basic tenets of religion are mostly good and should be respected for this reason. The next stage arises when one realizes that there is so much more to life and that those fleeting periods of euphoria and ineffable calm are actually who we really are.

These people are referred to as "Awakened" - duh! Now, everything begins to change and one avidly seeks the knowledge of ways, techniques, or systems of training that help them to gain the Faith to stop trying to control everything and to consciously start experiencing our True Nature. It is at this point that one is driven to gain this knowledge and they put their heart into chasing this goal. This is the beginning of one's "Path with Heart". Sooner or later, though, this knowledge has served it's purpose of revealing "The Way", "The Way and it's Power (Virtue)", and now the knowledge is transformed into Wisdom. As Wisdom grows, knowledge becomes useless and diminishes. Faith becomes the means, the "vehicle" that delivers one back to Self, Oneness, our True Nature, or God. This is our Home, where we came from and will return time and time again, where only Love, Empathy, Serenity, and blissful Euphoria exist.......................................but also Power!

I have experienced this Power a few times in my life, first revealed to me during my short years in martial arts study and instructing. When my training was triggered by a surprise attack from behind, Faith took control, time and space were suspended in total calm and slow-motion until one 3 inch strike stopped my attacker cold, severely bleeding, and completely incapacitated. I never used this Power again to harm another because I had only touched him with my ability and it scared me. Jesus said that with the Faith of a mustard seed, one can move a mountain. He was speaking literally. Every cubic centimeter of "empty space" contains 10 to the 38th power ergs* of energy - electromagnetic energy. This mustard-seed-sized bit of space does indeed contain far more Power than that required to literally move any mountain on earth and more. Thankfully, as Jesus of Nazareth demonstrated many times through his "miracles", it is our True Nature that has use of this unfathomable and universal Power, and, our True Nature is one of pure altruistic Love. Faith is the key that opens the door leading back to our True Nature, our Source, Self, Oneness, or God, where one is also plugged into the Power of the Universe. This is who we are and we are One. Have Faith!


And Jesus said unto them, "Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."
~ Mathew 17:20

* The thermonuclear model for gamma-ray bursts

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why Do We Love?

Love is eternal and is a pervasive, integral part of our True Nature, Source, Self, or God. Everything, including us, springs forth from this infinite Source to enter this material existence. Once here, the Law of Opposites comes into play to create the contrast necessary for everything to assume it's respective definition or form. Without this contrast, nothing would make any sense and our world would appear as an ever-changing chaos overwhelming the senses and causing complete panic from the perception of our Egos. Therefore, Yin and Yang, permeate our entire physical existence and our perception of the material realm. For example, "what would left mean if there was no such thing, or definition, as right?". The same is true with up and down, high and low, light and dark, and on and on and on... In fact, "I' or "Me" could not exist without "you" or "it" or "them" or "that". This contrast between each of us and everything else is the creation of the Ego or "self" and has existed ever since we became self-aware. This occurrence eons ago was the birth of imperfection, the birth of "I', the birth of judgement, and, unfortunately, the birth of evil. Books have been written about this moment in time which, by the way, was also the birth of "time". As tempted as I am to pursue this infinitely important moment of our existence, neither time nor space allow me to follow that subject right now. Maybe another time, or lifetime, so onward with the question at hand. "Why do we love?"

These two scientists set out to investigate what, if any, communication exists between plants. They entered into an experiment designed to test if plants that were completely separate from each other could somehow communicate between "themselves". They set up a very large room where conditions such as temperature, airflow, and other environmental factors could be completely controlled and they then went off to gather their test subjects. They chose to use trees of the same species that were growing in large commercial pots - ready to sell and be planted. Each was approximately the same height at around 10' - 12' and in good health. They filled their environmentally-controlled room with dozens of these trees while maintaining a substantial enough space around each one so none of them were even close to touching another. The conditions were calm with room temperature in the 70's, normal humidity, and the room's fluorescent lights turned on. One scientist was in one corner of the room while the other was in the diagonal corner across the room. At a predetermined time, one scientist applied a small flame to a leaf on the tree in his corner while the other scientist observed the tree in his corner for any reaction. The instant the flame was applied to the leaf and it curled in response to the heat, the leaves on the tree on the other side of the room all curled too. Not only did the one other tree respond but all of them responded in kind! Somehow these completely separate trees not only communicated with each other but actually reacted as if the flame had been applied to each of them at the same time. This was an empathic response that clearly proved a connection between these trees far beyond any form of communication. They behaved as if they were one plant or organism. Whether or not these scientists realized the enormous implications of their discovery, only their remarkable discovery that plants demonstrated empathy toward each other was documented in their final report. So what does this have to do with our question at hand?

Well, let's see here...In the beginning, there was a void. In the next instant, a material realm appeared from our Source. Somewhere far down this new path of time and matter, life arose into a state of perfection - no identity, no separation, just complete harmony. Then one very, very important moment farther down this time line, self-awareness appeared and really screwed up our perfect world. This Ego, this illusion of self or separation, has been keeping us "apart" from our Source, our True Nature, the collective Self, or God. You see, it is only the Ego that separates us from one another and everything else in this universe. It is this interference of the thinking egotistical self that blinds our vision of, and creates the static that interferes with us hearing or tuning into, our Source, our True Nature, Self, or God. Before this Ego arose, "we" were not separate. "We" were One! When we stop the thoughts, stop the ticking of time, and ease into the Present, we are One again. We are empathic and feel the suffering of others. When we love another, we have tuned out the static and tuned into the other. We have come together again and opened the door to the love we share. This is why it hurts when you are apart from those you love. A longing, a need, a burning desire to be with them again. The Ego shut this door a long time ago and has left us longing for that Oneness, that security and warmth, that pure Love that is Self, our True Nature, our Source, God. So, why do we love? We love because we are Love!

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