Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Power of Now

Life is so wonderful! In fact, I could not be happier if I was twins! Clearing my jungle one piece at a time, always aware of every beautiful creature or flower, feeling the cooling breeze on my face as I glimpse an audience of clouds gathering, I feel an immense joy emanating from my center and at the same time, humor erupts into laughter at the realization of how much happiness and contentment I am feeling clearing land with my weedeater. This is painfully hard work for me yet by being in the moment, that timeless zone that transcends the physical, that plane of existence so powerful yet serene, where doing becomes non-doing yet all is done, I realize the folly of complaining about the task at hand, the lamenting over the massive amount of work to do, the whining and cursing at the sweating heat, and the shear waste of energy spent outside the present where dogs and people chase their tails. Life is now and if you stop to think about it, life is gone!

1 comment:

  1. Nothing like being in the moment and hearing the music of nature around you. The leaves in the wind, the grass swaying on the breeze, feeling the wind on your skin or the rays of sunshine on your face, the way the earth feels under your feet as you smell the aromas around you. To just be!