Sunday, November 23, 2008

Karma Rules So Why Try?

Karma keeps us coming back to the material realm until we overcome it. Few of us will cross this barrier. This does not mean we should stop trying. In fact, we should spend every possible moment letting go of the steering wheel of life and turning control of ourselves over to the infinite wisdom of the Present. It is only in these moments that we are living outside of Karma and therefore one with our True Nature - in the perfection of our Source or God. This is real Faith! This is when we are truly alive, in touch with our infinite goodness, experiencing the altruistic universal Love, and feeling the ultimate bliss of Empathy. One thought, though, and this paradise is gone. We are back to the world of Karma where causes chase effects like a dog chases it's tail. The more we try to get back to that magical place the farther away it gets. A perfect example is when you lose a thought. It is on the tip of your brain so you chase after it. You chase and chase and chase but it keeps moving away. How frustrating it gets so you chase even harder. Maybe your frustration even makes you angry at yourself - what a dummy I am! Funny, though, how as soon as you give up the chase, relax, and move on, you instantly remember the thought. Living in the wondrous infinity of the Present is exactly the same. You must give up trying. You must quit believing you can control, or are in control, of anything. Control is all an illusion created by your Ego. The only time you are truly in control is when you give up trying to control. By not-doing, all is done!

Karma still rules the day though. The Ego is very powerful and does not relinquish control easily. So why bother? You must understand that as long as you let your Ego create causes through thoughts and thinking actions, you are creating effects that will come back on you. Remember, when you are born into this material world, you have left blissful perfection and will now reap what you have previously sown. Welcome back to "Judgement Day"! You will be confronted by your leftover effects, good and bad, and will continue to create or cause more future effects. By letting go and shutting down all "control" by your Ego, all causes cease. No new effects are being created. The more often you can "stop the world" and live in the Present, the less Karma will effect you. The more often you experience these moments of pure Love, total Empathy, and overwhelming bliss, the more in touch you become with the suffering and needs of others. The more love you feel towards others who are struggling just like you to get through their "Judgement Day". You still create causes that create effects that will come back to you, however, your causes(thoughts and thinking actions) are more often kind, caring, and positive. The resulting effects will return to you kindness, caring, and goodness. Life becomes better. Your attitude becomes more positive. You find yourself driven to the aid of others whether that be a kind word and a smile to someone who desperately needs it or you are compelled to run to the aid of someone in immediate danger. Your world view is slowly but surely changing for the better and you feel happier with yourself, your material situation, and with your perception of others. The most important thing, though, is you find yourself living in the Present more often. Now that you are aware of the Power of the Present, you are automatically and unknowingly drawn into these beautiful moments - no trying, no controlling, it just happens.

As "they" say, "practice makes perfect". This age-old cliche' could not be more accurate! The more you experience the wonders of the Present, the more often you will experience it. The more often you experience it, the closer to perfection you get. The closer you get to perfection, the closer you get to overcoming Karma. The closer you get to overcoming Karma, the closer you get to Overcoming this World. This is "The Way" as taught by Jesus. This is "The Way and It's Power(Virtue)" as taught by Lao-tse in the "Tao Te Ching". Now do you know why you must try?

"If you stay in the center and embrace death with your whole heart, you will endure forever"
~ Lao-tse
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  1. To stop trying and become fully lucid... do you mean that?.... seems a bit odd.. it goes against what I've been trying to do... don't know how I can do it!... but I'll re-read your post to understand what I need to do.

    BIG HUG.. :)
    once again thank you.