Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Quantum Reality

What a fantastic universe we live in! Sometime around fourteen billion years ago there was nothing and then in an instant, there was this unfathomable universe containing all of the matter that makes up our night sky, every kind of energy known, more types of matter and energy yet to be known, and, so important to us, everything needed for life to develop. At the instant the Big Bang occurred, everything in the universe was One. Now as we exist in this very moment, there is still this Oneness that unites all of us with each other and also with everything else in this incredible universe. How else can it be? We are as much One with the stars, the planets, the galaxies, the yet-to-be-discovered, and the unquestionable multitudes of life teaming throughout this material expose', in this moment, as we were One in that moment billions of years ago. So why do we think of ourselves as separate and is there any proof of this Oneness today?

We come into this world at the moment of birth in a state of blissful perfection and completely without any identity. Psychologists agree that most infants do not establish a separateness or identity until around the age of two. During this time, especially early on, infants believe that their thoughts are instantly "heard" by everyone around them - our natural state. This may very well explain the frustration and crying when an infant wants or needs something. Why do we not "hear" their wants and needs? A very logical question if only we could relive that period with our current understanding. So what happened to us? Why are we separated now? Well, somewhere around the age of two our Ego starts to take "control" and eventually assumes the position of "I". This "separate entity" has now seized the "ship" and sits comfortably in the Captain's chair. This new leadership position is heavily reinforced from the moment of it's creation to it's last breath and has long ago forgotten and abandoned the realm of One. This is our hidden curse, our "ball and chain", and the original "sin" (Cause) that got us caught in the net of Karma. We will go through endless lives, birth to death, and back to birth over and over and over until we gain the necessary Wisdom to overcome Karma, and thus, this material world. Back to our Source, back to our True Nature, back to the Oneness that is our home. But is there any evidence of this Oneness beyond the Wisdom of those Awakened individuals who follow in the footprints of Jesus of Nazareth, Lao-tse, Buddha, et al?

Actually, there is now! In the race to achieve Absolute Zero, minus 273.15 Celsius or minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, physicists discovered a level of material existence that defied the laws of everyday physics. Atoms appeared as individual points, as expected, but as temperatures fell within two degrees of Absolute Zero, the atoms started changing from separate points into waves. As the temperature continued to fall, the waves interlocked in such a way that every atom was everywhere at the same time. This new state of matter is called the Bose-Einstein Condensate* and is sometimes referred to as the "God Particle". The individual atoms have returned to their natural form, Oneness, just as it was at the instant of the Big Bang. This is our Quantum Reality - a reality science is just now discovering and far too complicated to explain here. The important point here is that science has discovered this state of Oneness and can prove that one atom can be here and at the "edge of the universe" at the same time. If scientists can recreate a facsimile of the conditions at the instant of the creation of our material universe, how difficult can it be to believe that "we" become One again when we return to our Source, Self, True Nature, or God. I believe, without a doubt, that technology is our feeble attempt to regain our natural abilities lost at the moment of our separation from this Oneness. We experience our Ego-ruled lives in a constant search for what we lost by trying to fill that void with technological tools that faintly mimic our lost abilities. This deep-seated longing is what drives us to create substitute means of transportation, communication, et al. Many seek our natural state of euphoria through the use of mind-altering drugs which actually inhibit the very thing we seek and divert us from our Path with Heart. Oh to be One again so we could instantly communicate across town or across the universe. So we could instantly be anywhere, see anywhere, hear anywhere, all at any time because time and space have no meaning in our spiritual realm or True Nature. We all still have these natural abilities but we have let our Egos hide who we really are. We do not need to go anywhere or Do anything to get back home. We never left! We can reconnect just by letting go, having the Faith to let our True Nature control everything, and then by this Non-doing, we are One.

* Predicted in 1924 by Albert Einstein, who built on the work of Satyendra Nath Bose, the condensation occurs when individual atoms meld into a "superatom" behaving as a single entity at just a few hundred billionths of a degree above absolute zero. The
71-year quest to confirm Bose and Einstein's theory was likened by many physicists to the search for the mythical Holy Grail.

"The wise man Knows without going, Sees without seeing, Does without doing."
~ Lao-tse

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