Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blessings, Blessings, Everywhere

We are blessed with gifts from our Source throughout our day and most probably, every moment of our day. We usually do not even notice these small wonders. We just walk right past them, or fail to see the significance of them. I have become more aware over time and this has opened my eyes to some these special events. I decided to write this earlier today after one of these small gifts appeared. I had my truck loaded up for a trip to town and was in kind of a hurry. As I opened the driver's-side door, a beautiful butterfly landed on my hand. To most people, this would mean nothing and some might even brush it away as if it was a bother. To me, though, this was something special! We watched each other for a while and I even found myself talking to this beautiful creature. I do these kinds of things so call me crazy, if you Anyway, while in this moment of communion, a vivid memory of a similar but far more incredible experience came to mind. I was sitting on the steps of my deck in the afternoon during the later part of Spring several years ago. I was visiting with a friend who was sitting off to my right when a once-in-a-lifetime blessing, gift, whatever you want to call it, occurred. I was holding up my injured left hand and just pondering it with a completely clear mind when this beautiful, small, blue, dragonfly landed on my little finger. He/she was very beautiful so I was marveling at it's amazing details when a second one landed on my ring finger. Now this was really cool! It definitely got my friend's attention too because I looked over at him to see if he was watching. Indeed, he was. Then a third dragonfly landed on my middle finger! There were now three of them sitting comfortably side-by-side. I was feeling this incredible feeling of blissful energy or something very pleasant eminating from my core, my center, my Dan Tiem. As I was really living this incredible event, here came number four! Then, number five!! There was a beautiful, blue dragonfly resting peacefully on each of my fingers and my thumb!!! The feeling, the Oneness, the exstasy, was almost overwhelming - in a calm sort of excitement that was really beyond description. I was pulled away for a second though when I heard my friend say, "how do you do that?!!". It was then that my thinking Ego got invloved and they flew away.

My friend, someone not usually aware or interested in such things, was truly amazed and very moved by this event. He certainly was not alone in that feeling! This happened in a moment of perfect calmness within, a moment when I was completely in the Present. These are the only moments when we are fully alive and living as we are meant to live. It is also only in these moments that we are aware of the constant love that our Source is bathing us in - like a Mother does her child. It is only in these moments that we can "see" the infinite blessings all around us, all of the time. This is true wealth, and, we are all very wealthy indeed if we just take the time to live in the Present. Take the time!

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