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The Great Potential of Challenges: The Way Home

This post is in response to a comment from a dear friend concerning my earlier post, "A Most Unlikely Blessing". This event long ago is an integral part to my being and has been the ultimate tool for prying my Ego from my True Nature and showing me my Path with Heart - the path back to who and what we really are. It does not require the use of memory because I am this event, all of the myriad of separate events that it created, and every moment both good and bad. Sharing this life-changing event was a unique opportunity to pass on wisdom of a sort that most people never encounter and even fewer understand. I sincerely hope that this is read and read until the reader can truly grasp what the Second Attention is and can find this hidden "sense" within themselves. This is an astronomical leap in understanding our True Nature and a huge jump in time and space on their Path With Heart. I am privileged to understand this natural "Knowing" which we all possess and very glad I survived my encounters with death so I could share this wisdom with everyone interested.

Life is school. The only school that counts and it uses many teaching aides to help us to understand the One Truth that we all must learn. Pain is just one tool and there are many variations of this tool. I do not believe that physical pain and emotional pain are the same but they are definitely intertwined. Whether the tool used to teach us a lesson is pain, or something else like frustration or anger, the important thing is how we use the tool provided to uncover the intended lesson(s). As with every event our Destiny unfolds to us, it is not so much the event but how we allow the event to effect us. This is the one choice in Life that we all have - the Only choice! It is in dealing with the challenges in our lives where the lesson(s) lies and the wisdom awaits. Some will pass by or through these challenges and move on to the next one much wiser, more accepting, and with a positive attitude. Many others will "hit the wall" trying to deal with their challenges and literally get stuck while more challenges continue to pile up in their lives. These unfortunate people allow life to become a nightmare because of the bad choices they made in approaching and dealing with their challenges. Most eventually become overwhelmed. The subsequent decisions they make under this duress usually lead to terrible conclusions and lost ground in their main objective of overcoming Karma.

To overcome Karma, you must learn to face life's challenges as a true warrior faces battle. The true warrior relaxes his mind into stillness and sinks this calm mind into his body. He is now in his most powerful state of being. His is One of mind, body, and spirit and is living completely in the moment, the Present. When his adversary attacks, he Knows his intent and flows with his every move until he Senses an opening. Then, without a thought, he acts and the battle is over. In martial arts, this is called, "it is done before you do it". Lao-tse called this "Non-Doing" because there is no Cause for Karma to detect and therefore no Effect to deal with later in this life or the next. By living every moment this way, your long list of Effects, your Destiny, eventually runs it's course and comes to an end - The End. The End of your attachment to this material world and your attainment of genuine Free Will. You have overcome this world! This is exactly what Jesus did eons ago and then came back here to show us, "The Way". He called his teachings, "The Way"! How could most of the world miss this One Truth!! This is my great frustration! This is my challenge now and it is a great mountain to climb indeed!

Ok, Ok, back to dealing with challenges, all of those obstacles laid out before us by our Karma because we do not live each moment as a true warrior. This is our Destiny that we continue to lengthen with every Cause we create because under the absolute Law of Karma, each Cause must and will have a corresponding Effect. And on and on and on and infinitum! This is why that devastating, life-changing, death-defying, event that I wrote about in
"A Most Unlikely Blessing" was actually an incredible blessing. I learned the lesson of the true warrior, the power of living in the moment and approaching and overcoming every challenge one calm moment at a time. Over the decades of first learning and then becoming this true warrior in times of crisis and great struggle, I have also "seen" solutions to small puzzles which then became pieces of larger puzzles. Then I "saw" the solutions to these larger puzzles which then became pieces of yet larger puzzles and so on and so on and so on...................... Such is the infinite unfolding of Wisdom as you travel your Path with Heart. There is no destination, it is a journey! When you awaken to your journey, something we all must do, then you have started your Path with Heart. Why is it a Path with Heart? It is called this because you have awakened to the fact that this is why you are here and that this journey, overcoming your challenges without creating Causes, demands that you dedicate your entire being, put your heart and soul into this new and wondrous way of living, and that makes your new Path, a Path with Heart!

So relax, "stop the world", get off of the circular rat-race of Cause and Effect where the Ego makes us act like dogs chasing their tails, and move to the calm Center. Here you can be One with All, experience the natural bliss, beauty, and magic of our True Nature as One, and quietly watch this illusion of living, this frivolous folly of a rat-race, go on without you while you sip on your sparkling elixir filled with the Wisdom of the Universe and calmly settle into your chair at the table for All at the edge of Everywhere!


The beautiful picture above is from Daniel B. Holeman, an awakened individual I came upon while searching for a proper picture. It is called
"Welcome Home (Olias)" and here is the description:

A woman leads the man back home, back to God. She stands poised as he points in awe and wonder and remembrance.
"When we went to Earth, we forgot it all and gained much from our journey back home," he says. Poised, she smiles with a twinkle in her eye, "There is still a ways to go, but now we can see our way."

The Symbol

The symbol (based on the "Olias" symbol) represents the concept of oneness of God and diversity (creation) and acts as a reminder of our path back to God through finding our oneness and embracing our diversity. The symbol is based on the "Olias" symbol of musician, Jon Anderson, combining the circle, square and triangle - the symbols of the fundamental dimensions of consciousness from oneness to diversity. They are all actually part of the same oneness. There are many paths back home, all unique to the individual who finds their way back, but all have one thing in common - the way back home is through TRUTH, as it was the distortion of TRUTH that made us seem lost and away from home.

Here are some wonderful quotes from him also. Enjoy!

"From outside this Earth dimension and the plane of duality, things
appear quite different. It is through a tender heart and understanding
that all the suffering and drama is seen. In fact, while in it, nothing is really as it
appears to be - most everything is being seen and interpreted from a
distorted, illusory perspective - that of separation and self-absorption (ego)."
~ Daniel B. Holeman

"Being "Awakened" means one has had an awakening - the profound experience of seeing the nature of the illusion one has been living - that acute remembering of the TRUTH of what one is and how one has been taking themselves to be a concocted "somebody" that is not really what they are. It is just identifying with a made up "story" of a self. Following an "awakening" is often many years of continued habitual experience of that "story" and "one's issues" ... but now seen from the new perspective or context of the greater TRUTH. Finally it stabilizes and one lives "Home" all the time and never wavers. This comes from the repeated seeing that the "habit" one has been so long in of creating dishonesty in the illusion that one is separate and therefore appears to be a somebody trying to get from life what they want and think they need (ego). Always attempting to have things THEIR way and wanting others to be how THEY want them to be (self-will). After repeated seeing that all one's suffering and problems stem from this, and that it is all based on a lie (rather a misunderstanding), one gradually (or suddenly) lets go and surrenders to the TRUTH, and is once again, HOME."
~ Daniel B. Holeman

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  1. Hi Wolf…

    Thanks so much for taking time to respond to me. :) … I guess I understood your meanings.

    “….you must learn to face life's challenges as a true warrior faces battle. The true warrior relaxes his mind into stillness and sinks this calm mind into his body…” Well… I remember times that I’ve acted in this way, but not all the times especially when I’m depressed or stressed. Like today that seems so gloomy and depressing. I have to learn more about Ego… reading your first paragraph where you’ve said: “…the ultimate tool for prying my Ego from my True Nature…” I’m asking myself how and why again! Isn’t that EVERYTHING in the world is holy and originated from Love? So why does Ego limit our infinite power? (because it’s an illusion????)… yes.. I’ll have to learn more! Once again thank you. :)

    By the way, sometimes when I visit your blog there appears some icons which allow one to delete the comments, or even change your settings. Perhaps this arises from temporary errors in the system. Just wanted to let you know. :)


  2. Hello my dear friend Oldooz!

    Thank you for letting me know about the access problem. That was so kind and thoughtful of you! I believe I have it solved now but please let me know if it persists. I really need to write an entry about Ego and how it differs from our True Nature. Hopefully I can explain this well enough so it can be understood. It is far too involved to answer here but suffice it to say, it is the source of everything that keeps us estranged from our Source and is the root cause for all of the problems of mankind.

    Now my friend, I want you to know that we all have our bad days and that being One in the Present for any great length of time is very difficult indeed. That is why gaining Wisdom is a journey, a Path. I have recently joined a wonderful Zen online community and I believe you might gain much from this place. Please go here and look around if you like:

    Meditation & Spiritual Life Practice Community

    Please let me know what you think and I will begin my process to write about Ego.

    With Great Love!

  3. Reading your comment I remembered what I’ve studied about Ego in the past. So I agree with you on “…it is the source of everything that keeps us estranged from our Source..”.

    It seems I’m a bit confused on this subject…

    I’ll be glad to read your post about Ego… of course if you have enough time to write.

    Thanks for the link… sounds interesting. :)

    NAMASTE... :)

  4. Lovely music... WOW! touched me deeeply!