Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Happiest Man in the World

This is the most wonderful and enlightening interview I have ever heard! Please take the time to listen to this for you will not be disappointed. In fact, if the great Wisdom being shared by this Tibetan Buddhist spiritual teacher does not inspire you, then nothing ever will. Here is a brief synopsis:

"The happiest man in the world" — that's what this Tibetan Buddhist spiritual teacher was dubbed after his brain was studied by scientists. We explore his provocative thoughts on the meaning of happiness, as well as his insights into the nature of human consciousness, spirituality as "contemplative science," and the relationship between humor and wisdom.

I highly recommend that you wait until you have time to listen to this unedited version so you can feel the relaxed mood and just flow right into this incredible conversation as it unfolds. This is from the show Speaking of Faith on American Public Media. I listen to it on NPR. The interviewer is wonderful! She has such warmth, intellect, and a relaxed conversational technique. This is 92 minutes long but I bet you listen to it more than once! Enjoy my friends!

Click here and scroll down about two-thirds of the way to find the player.

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  1. Oh, I'm already inspired by your explanations. Cannot wait to listen to it but I have to wait till I have access to a fast connection.

    Lots of love.