Monday, July 26, 2010

Tai Chi is All Feeling

As you progress past the point of learning the postures and how they flow together creating the form, you must feel the Unity of your Body-Being and let your calm Mind direct your Chi. Your relaxed body will effortlessly follow your Chi. Proper Tai Chi Practice will eventually have your entire body breathing in the Yin, exhaling the Yang, and feeling like a ball of pure energy. It is a feeling of Oneness, Power, and unbelievable Bliss. 


eeling the connection between the movements. Feel the openings and closings, the contractions and expansions, the separations and joinings.
  The whole body is connected as it moves through the form. Feel the connection between the hands stretch as they move apart, and condense again as they circle back together.
  The movement begins in the belly, and propagates outward. If you feel the form in the abdomen, you’re on the right track.

The 13 Principles of Tai Chi:

Sinking of Shoulders and Dropping of Elbows
Relaxing of Chest and Rounding of Back
Sinking Chi down to Dan Tien
Lightly Pointing Up the Head
Relaxation of Waist and Hip
Differentiate Between Empty and Full: Yin and Yang
Coordination of Upper and Lower Parts of the Body
Using the Mind Instead of Force
Harmony Between Internal and External
Connecting the Mind and the Chi
Find Stillness Within Movement
Movement and Stillness Present at Once
Continuity and Evenness Throughout the Form

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