Saturday, June 11, 2011

Letting Go Part I: "IT"

This is a subject that goes to the very core of our Being. It is also very problematic to talk about because it can not be described. It must be experienced. We all have and do experience fleeting happenings of "IT" throughout our lifetimes but rarely notice it. Just a "weird" moment or something and life goes on. However, to the adepts, "IT" is Everything. And Everything "IT" is indeed! 

Many of you have heard the story of the Zen Master teaching a student the Art of archery. The student tries to steady the bow, align the arrow, and hit as close to the bulls eye as possible but with each effort, he does not even get close. Each time the Master calmly watches as the student slowly gets frustrated with himself. Finally, the student reaching a point of just not caring, quickly and mindlessly draws the bow and lets the arrow fly. Bulls eye! The Master bows. The student bows back. The Master looks at him and says, "I did not bow to you for you did not do anything. I was bowing to "IT". "IT" did it."

I had the very rare occasion of experiencing "IT" and observing "IT" work through me. It took many years for me to understand what I had witnessed. This life-changing Event occurred back in the early to mid 1970's when I had progressed from student to teacher of Kenpo/Kempo - Kung fu. I was filled with knowledge but had never needed to draw upon it in "real life". When that occasion finally occurred, my life changed forever. 

It was a Christmas Eve, a beautiful sunny afternoon, as I was going to my car after paying my electric bill in the largest bank in Amarillo, Texas. I saw my girlfriend waiting patiently for me in my new VW Super Beetle as I was passing by the car parallel parked in front it. The driver backed right into my car so I calmly walked to his closed window and tapped on it. All I wanted was for us to take a look and check for any damage. The man was with his family, looking over his shoulder, and trying to pull out into the busy one way traffic. He did not respond so I knocked on his window again. No response. I hit it harder and said. "hey!". Everyone in the car was looking at me now except him. I hit harder. Nothing! I almost broke it when I punched it. Nothing!! Okay, he hit my car, is trying to flee, so I will handle this another way. I turned, walked briskly toward my car, abruptly stopped after passing his back door, spun left, right snap-kicked his left rear quarter panel into the frame, and turned towards my car. This is when reality became Reality!

I felt a presence approaching from behind, swung my left leg counter-clockwise to face this presence, and entered a different state of Being. "IT" literally took control of my body. I was now just the "Observer". My mind was so still. My body was very relaxed and fluid. My Awareness expanded beyond description as I experienced time slow to a crawl. I was moving with calm perfection as my left leg stepped back and my right foot slid ever so softly backward in a controlled withdrawal. My right hand open, arm slightly bent at the elbow and chest-high, my left hand open but a little lower - a modified fighting horse stance. Both hands flowing like sheets in a gentle breeze. I could see the individual freckles on the knuckles of his fists as they slowly, so slowly passed by as he attacked throwing punches in the typical "windmill style". The next instant my body sprung slightly forward as my right arm locked out in a 3 or 4 inch vertical punch striking him right under his nose. Time returned to normal speed as my perspective changed from Observer to actor. Now, I was ready to fight! The "fight", however, was over before I could use any of the vast arsenal contained within. His face was destroyed, pouring blood, his body limp, and no one left to fight. But what about "IT"?

The answer to that question took me many years to truly grasp. I will try to explain this in Part II: Enter the Dragon.


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