Thursday, October 13, 2011

Interlude Outside of Linear Time, Courtesy of Chuang-tse

I have been experiencing and exploring the depths of my Path and have not written in my blog until now. For this momentous occasion, I shall entertain you with some stories from a true Sage who understands. Who else but the great Sage, Chuang-tse could explain such dereliction to one's "duty"! 

I have been feeling such a great need to post something and have now realized the pure folly of this man-made linear time structure that we allow to interfere with our living our lives as they are designed, specifically, Not-doing. We must learn to Let Go and allow ourselves to enjoy, savor, and then Let Go again so the next moment can be lived fully. My sharing of my Path is indeed My Calling, My Destiny, and It shall continue to unfold here in depth. Please continue following for if my words here can help just one person to realize Reality, it is worth my entire lifetime of sharing my Path to achieve. May you All be Blessed with many infinite moments spent "unknowingly" within the Peace, Love, and Joy of the Present and Not-doing Everything so perfectly!

Enjoy these beautiful bits of Wisdom as only the greatest storyteller of the Ancient Sages can entertainingly put into writing. I will return soon to continue where I left off with the Ancient Chan Teachings of the Masters interpreted by the great contemporary Zen Master, D. T. Suzuki. Thank you!


Chuang-tse Story - Autumn floods


Chuang Tzu told the story
of the autumn floods:

The autumn floods had come.
Thousands of wild torrents
poured furiously into the
Yellow River.
It surged and flooded its banks until,
looking across,
you could not tell an ox from a horse
on the other side.

Then the River God laughed,
delighted to think
that all the beauty in the world
had fallen into his keeping.

So downhill he swung,
untill he came to the ocean.
There he looked out over the waves
towards the empty horizon in the east,
and his face fell.

Gazing out at the far horizon,
he came to his senses
and murmured to the Ocean God:
“Well, proverb is right:
‘He who has got himself a
hundred ideas,
he thinks he knows more than anybody else.’
Such a one am I.
Only now do I see
what they mean by expanse!”

The Ocean God replied,
“Can you talk about the sea to a frog in a well?
Can you talk about ice to a dragonfly?
And can you talk about the Way of life
to a doctor of

Chuang-tse Story - Wholeness

How does the true man of Tao
Walk through walls without obstruction
And stand in fire without being burnt?

Not because of cunning or daring,
Not because he has learned –
But because he has unlearned.

His nature sinks to his root in the one.
His vitality, his power,
Hide in secret Tao.

When he is all one,
There is no flaw in him 
By which a wedge can enter.

So a drunken man who falls out of a wagon
Is bruised, but not destroyed,
His bones are like the bones of other men,
But his fall is different.
His spirit is entire.
He is not aware of getting into the wagon,
Or falling out of it.
Life and death are nothing to him.
He knows no alarm,
He meets obstacles without thought,
without care,
And takes them without knowing they are there.

If there is such sincerity in wine,
How much more in Tao?
The wise man is hidden in Tao,
Nothing can touch him.

Chuang-tse Story - The Empty Boat

Who can free himself of achievement and fame
Then descend and be lost
Amidst the masses of men?

He will flow like Tao, unseen…
He will go about like life itself,
With no name and no home.

Simple is he, without.
To all appearances he is a fool.
His steps leave no trace.

He has no power.
He achieves nothing.
He has no reputation.

Since he judges no one,
No one judges him.

Such is the perfect man.
His boat is empty.

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