Monday, February 20, 2012

Sharing Wisdom on My Path

My Path is such a Joyful one whether I am alone or amongst a crowd of people. There is at least one day each week where I leave the beautiful sound of Silence out here in my paradise in the Texas Hill Country to go to the incredibly unique and stunningly beautiful city of San Marcos - home to my Alma Mater. One night each week is one just for enjoying the social life here and, particularly, Being amongst and conversing with the wonderfully inspiring, intelligent, and beautiful young men and women who are attending Texas State University. Their perspectives on life are of great interest to me and indeed quite enlightening in so many ways. There is never a night, an encounter, an in-depth conversation, or a newly-formed friendship that leaves me anything but refreshed, filled with joy, and very impressed with their Present overall level of worldly knowledge and, in the occasional meeting, some actual Wisdom of their True Nature. The other night was no exception. There was one particular conversation I had with three young students right before leaving town that made the entire evening very special indeed.

My greatest obstacle to fulfilling my honorable and humbling "assignment" here has Always been, "How do I explain the One Truth to them, or anyone, when such Truth is ineffable?". I have failed miserably in almost every case except, possibly,  for the aforementioned conversation. My insistence that Reality, that Life itself exist only in the moment, the Infinite Present, actually took hold of them. Their grasp of this Truth, this Ultimate Truth, set my Being alive and "buzzing" with the Blissful Energy of the Universe(s), Source, God, our True Nature, and our Oneness with All. Hopefully, our next conversation will be one with sincere questions about who we are, why we are here, and "where" do we go from here.

After such a night of realizing their willingness to truly "hear" my words, I am fully prepared and honored to help them to begin building their Foundation of Wisdom upon the necessity to Relax, to naturally Breathe deeply, and to Stop for a moment just to Observe, to Witness, and to realize the Folly of their Homunculus (internal dialogue), and to see that the reality "it" creates is Not the actual Reality in which we Live.  These three actions are the simple tools everyone must learn to use throughout the day to realize the incredible amount of useless noise their Ego is creating before beginning their Path back to the Present. Hopefully, they will remember to do this and Be amazed at the level of distractions it is creating. I eagerly look forward to hearing about this Awakening and our next "Learning Event"!

For now, I am just beginning my journey into Part V. of Section IV. "From the Chinese Zen Masters' in the Manual of Zen Buddhism translated by the arguably, and in my opinion, the greatest scholar and Zen Master of the Twentieth Century, D. T. Suzuki. Although I may compose and post other entries beforehand, each one of the teachings from this ancient text contains the very essence of the One Truth that constantly shines a Great Light upon our individual Paths with Heart - All eventually intercepting the One Path that lead us back Home to our True Nature, the Paradise within, to which We All Must return. Be well!


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