Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Humble Life as a Warrior

Last night was a truly rewarding and incredible Agreement with the Way I choose to Accept whatever comes into my life and the corresponding Action I choose to employ. Since I am Blessed with Awakening to and Living in a beautiful Paradise on a few acres in the Texas Hill Country, my ventures to the multifaceted Wonders and incredible beauty of San Marcos, TX are intentionally limited to twice each week for my mandatory physical therapy at the gym and to take care of personal business. One night each week I go to a favorite place of mine to have dinner and drinks with a dear friend. After she leaves, I always stay around to visit with the wonderful young friends I have made there and inevitably, to meet and make more friends with these incredibly respectful, intelligent, and surprisingly Wise (at least in a few cases) Texas State University students. Last night was a particularly interesting, incredibly heart-warming, and afterwards, quite important and rewarding one of these Ad-ventures.

When I finished with the sincere and loving good-byes at my favorite place, my next stop was my truck outside. As I headed for my vehicle, there was a heated exchange going on between a young man and a beautiful young lady. I immediately stopped and was prepared to move quickly to her aid, if necessary, when they saw me. The young man being aggressive realized my intention and quickly reassured me, along with the young lady and another young man with them, that everything was fine. As I approached them, the one watching the "heated conversation" remembered me from a time in the past when we had sat together inside, visiting over a beer. He assured them that I was not only "cool" but had a lot of Wisdom. I was very humbled and honored to hear him describe me in this way and went on to calm them down from the excitement using a brief guided meditation technique. After a few deep breaths while showing them how to shake off the stress in their upper bodies, everyone was relaxed and clear-minded. All was well! The young man who remembered me wanted to meet inside soon for conversation - an honor to me. The young lady hugged me and thanked me for coming to her aid - an honor and a pleasure indeed. The "angry" young man ask me if we could visit awhile, which I happily agreed to, and told his friends to go ahead without him for now. He felt comfortable with me and shared a lot about his life. All was very personal and much of it was obviously painful. This really helped me to understand his behavior earlier and to share some insight about the importance of remaining calm. This surprised him some because he had been ask to lower his voice while talking to two prospective employers earlier in the day. We had a very enjoyable conversation. He then received an important call and had to go so we parted company. He said that he was eager to meet again very soon to share more and to learn about me.

This is just an example of what I do - my Purpose here. My Destiny is to Serve others and to show them as best I can, Who they Are, What they must Do (Not- Do), and, hopefully, to get them started on their own Path with Heart back Home to their True Nature. This is the my vastly rewarding life - the life of a true Warrior. A Way of Wisdom for which I have paid an unspeakable price to achieve. I would never give It up, though, even if that meant getting my leg back and becoming whole again from my extremely rare form of quadriplegia which affects my entire body with varying levels of paralysis and clumsiness yet allows me to walk with great effort. I Must stay Mindful of everything happening within me physically, mentally, emotionally, and Aware of my proximity to insure that I maintain my Balance and know for sure where each step is landing. Never a dull moment for! I truly love this challenging life and the infinite Blessings that continuously showering me with immense Joy, Laughter, and Beauty while increasingly allowing me to "See" past the Veil of Ego-self and into the Infinite Wonders and Wisdom of our True Nature.



  1. Tom,you are such a loving soul.wonderful ,great person always doing good to others.In many ways you are an inspiration to me.I LOVE YOU

  2. Hello my dear friend!

    I have missed you so much Nirmala. My life has been full of challenges for quite a while but, as you know of me, I have used them all as opportunities to "see" deeper into my True Nature. As painful as they have been and still are at times, I have been able to gain a greater "Knowing" of What Is and, therefore, to feel the intimate perfection of Reality.

    Upon reading your words, "I love you", my Heart rejoiced in your altruistic meaning of this neglected phrase and want you to know, beyond All doubt, that I Love You too and that you have a very special place in Heart forever. Thank you for your very dear friendship!

    Much love Always...Namaste'