Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Bliss from Fulfilling My Destiny

I wrote this post last Tuesday night upon my return home from an evening in town but inadvertently deleted it on my smartphone. Such is Life and it was meant to happen for reasons unknown to me. Perhaps, I left something important out of it so, hopefully, this post will be just right :)  I had been socializing with the remarkable youth in San Marcos, Texas and experienced a real Blessing indeed. Most of the youth are students at Texas State University, my Alma Mater, and a true joy to be around. As you should know by now, I am a Teacher/Guide of/to Wisdom and seem to attract the company of so many of these beautiful and intelligent people. There are no strangers in my life, just people I have yet to meet, so I greet everyone as if I have known them forever. Maybe I have. Anyway, about a week or two before, some friends I had been sitting with at a local establishment left and a couple of beautiful women joined me. They were having a problem between them and I became involved in their conversation. They listened intently to me discuss the importance of Being Present and Living Now because you can not change the Past. We had a wonderful conversation and parted ways. Last Tuesday night I was at the same place visiting with and enjoying the company of some other new friends when one of the women from the previous encounter noticed me, waved, and ran over to me. She was thrilled to see me, hugged me, and told me that what I had said the last time had changed her and her friend's life. She said that they had taken it to heart, applied it to their situation, and that everything was fantastic now. She glowed with Joy as she hugged me again and said good night. Needless to say, I was stunned with incredible Bliss - overwhelmed, in fact. Helping others is my Calling, my Destiny, but you rarely get to see or hear about the effects of your words or actions. It is a feeling beyond words - Pure Magic! Magic that is meant to happen and is the greatest Agreement or Acknowledgement that you are on the Right Path and doing or Not-Doing the Right thing.  

Realization of the Power that your words have on the lives of others is crucial to Living a Life like mine. I paid the ultimate price twice back in 1975 when I bled to death two times while being rushed into emergency surgery where the finest surgeons within hundreds of miles work feverishly to keep me from leaving again while they spent six hours getting me stable enough for death watch in ICU. As an extremely rare quadriplegic with Brown - Sequard Syndrome and amputee of my right leg, I have climbed countless mountains infinitely higher and more rugged than Everest and continue to accept the non-stop challenges of moment-to-moment living on my own and maintaining two out of several acres in the rugged Texas Hill Country. This is how I have gained and continue to gain so much Wisdom. A price well worth paying to Live the Life of a True Warrior and Be able to Guide and Help others I encounter along my Path with Heart. I Live in Paradise and "See" the Magic of Reality As IT Is! What a Blessing!!


ps: Writing this has been very difficult with my office still down but I will try to blog whenever possible. It may be a while before I can replace all of my office equipment so please be patient. Thank you!

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