Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Profound Spiritual Experience

We have all had spiritual experiences of varying intensities and recognition in our lives and have dismissed them, pondered them afterwards for a time, or actually been "shocked" into a life-changing awakened state of being. One such story of a spiritual event that awakened an individual follows.

A Profound Spiritual Experience

By Alexander Imich, Ph.D.

I was a second year student at the IM School of Healing Arts. And although our school did not have a grading system, I considered myself to be the No 1 student from the bottom. I was known to my teachers and colleagues as the most difficult and incurable disbeliever who always had to explain that I could not feel anything. The report about what I learned, how it changed me ,and so on, that I prepared for the last day of this academic year was totally negative and stated that I did not learn anything and did not see any change in my personality. When asked by the teacher to comment on this report, I declined to talk about it.

At the end of the third day - the monthly sessions took place for three days each - we were performing an exercise of lifting one of the students from the floor after the student had dared to fall backwards off of a table, the group catching this student, then cradling and rocking him, lowering him slowly to the floor, and later helping him to stand up. 11 people formed a group. 10 of them lifting consecutively each member of the group. After each lifting, the person who experienced this supportive and quite profound experience allowed themselves to receive a tender embrace, receiving loving and caring from the group, sometimes even hugging and kissing, obviously with deep feelings from the entire group, spontaneously swaying in the rhythm of Albioni's beautiful piece of old music that was played during this exercise.

While lifting one of the colleagues, I was suddenly struck by a powerful feeling of infinite love. It pervaded all my body. At once it became entirely clear to me that it is not enough to love people because they are members of my family, or they are wise or beautiful, or they like or love you. It is overwhelmingly right to love the ugly, the stupid, the nasty; it is right to love everybody and everything, and love is the most important entity in the universe. I experienced bliss, a state of absolute happiness…Tears were flowing from my eyes; I was crying from happiness.

All this was, of course, noticed by my classmates and by the head of the school (an amazing healer and teacher ). Because of my notorious obstinacy and constant inability to allow myself to let go of my resistance to really feeling and being vulnerable it became a sensation, a kind of victory for the school and an important step in my spiritual development. I was enthusiastically congratulated, hugged and kissed by everybody.

I realized that the great illuminati like Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Aurobinda and many others must have lived in a state of such permanent bliss. I also understood that love, the desire to be one with the beloved is so powerful because in reality we all are ONE, and love is a masked desire to restore the unity.

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