Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Conspiracy of Ignorance+

I have needed to write this blog ever since I watched the two-hour NOVA, "Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial", and I am very pleased to finally offer this important subject for any and all who are on their Path with Heart. At any given time, there are three categories of individuals residing in this material realm. The vast majority are Asleep. All of the rest except a very few are Awakened. Then there are the very few who are Enlightened and living as impeccable warriors. The next step is beyond the reach of Karma. When ask of Jesus, "who shall go to "Heaven"? He replied, "many will try, few will make it". The great Wisdom of Jesus and the others who have "made it" is within each of us, is everywhere around us, and is clearly explained in The Bible, The Tao Te Ching, The Quran, and the many other great spiritual texts in existence. This One Truth has been passed down in stories from ancient Elders in Native American cultures and shared by all cultures throughout history. This blog entry is not meant to demean religions in any way but to show the inadequacy of their Egocentric and superficial origins. Most churches, as organizations, do perform many critical services to society such as providing for the needy, acting in a support role for those whose life's problems have become overwhelming, and giving purpose, hope, and structure to the Sleeping masses. Another very important purpose they serve is to bring people together in prayer for the good of others - a very powerful tool, indeed. They do not, however, understand and teach the true Wisdom of Jesus but only skim the surface and unknowingly miss the entire point of his teachings, called The Way. Do I believe in God? Absolutely! However, I know that God is not some judgemental, overbearing, entity sitting on a throne somewhere rewarding some while punishing others. In fact, God is Not like that at all but is something infinitely greater, completely objective, and far, far beyond our comprehension. The closest concept that I can think of comes from Gestalt psychology, ie, the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. God can not be describe because "It" is beyond description, or ineffable. I do know, however, that God is pure Love! Love me or hate me, here is part of what I know to be the Truth. Enjoy!

The Truth has been the same since the beginning of time - long before any man interpreted It from his perspective and turned It into a religion. This Truth can be found at the core of all ancient spiritual philosophies, beliefs, and religions if one can discard all of the Egocentric and ornamental nonsense each has added based upon their particular culture and perspective. We are here for two reasons (Our Path with Heart):

1) To master ourselves in order to live completely in the Present where we gain the Wisdom to overcome Karma and this material world;
2) To selflessly help others and do no harm as we travel our Path.

Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Lao-tse, and many others throughout the world and throughout history have shown us The Way but most people have not the "eyes" to "see" nor the "ears" to "hear". Once one's "eyes and ears" awaken, our Path with Heart begins. Once begun, do not look back. Unfortunately, since the majority of people at any given time can not understand this one Truth, most are drawn into various religions such as Christianity where their Egos take up arms in "defense" of their particular perspective and judge those who believe differently in sometimes harsh, if not deadly, ways. This is how it has been ever since we lost "Paradise" when our Egos took over and created the illusion of separation from our Source or God. Our True Nature became hidden under all of the superfluous descriptions of this new "reality" and the path back home disappeared. The reason or reasons why a fairly constant and small percentage of people are able to understand this flaw is far beyond my understanding, however, ancient spiritual teachings, philosophies, and texts are rather clear on this matter. For example, when Jesus said, "forgive them "Father" for they know not what they do" as he endured his execution for teaching this one Truth, "The Way" as he called it, he made it very clear that it was literally impossible for the masses to understand who he was, why he was here, and most importantly, what he was teaching. This condition is not their fault anymore than the number of fingers on each of their hands is. I can only speculate as to the reason and currently believe it to be involved with the evolution of the Spirit within the rules of Karma. This explains the ancient saying of, " those who say do not know, and, those who know do not say". Untold numbers of Awakened souls who chose to say have ended up being put to death by the masses out of fear and ignorance. This is so evident in our recent history when many so-called "witches" were hung for their abilities to heal others, for their different ways of being spiritual, and ultimately out of fear of the unknown. Little did they know that these "special" people were actually much closer to God, our Source, Self, or our True Nature than those doing the killing. This has been the case from the beginning of our "fall from Grace" eons ago and this persecution continues to this day. More unconscionable torture, death, and destruction has occurred throughout the history of mankind from this ignorance than from all other reasons combined. One just needs to study The Crusades and The Spanish Inquisition, for example, to understand this fact. Today, at least in America, people are not executed for having different beliefs but wars are still fought over differences in religion. I lay this foundation constructed from religious-generated ignorance in order to describe a true threat, a real conspiracy of ignorance that exists today that I feel compelled to comment upon. This conspiracy of ignorance is a movement to interfere with the knowledge of life's beginnings here on earth that is fueled by the same superficial beliefs that caused the execution of Jesus and others along with the persecution of the multitudes of the Awakened throughout history. I speak of the current crusade to stop the teaching of Darwin's Theory of Evolution in science classes to explain how our material existence started here on earth and to substitute "Intelligent Design", or better known as Creationism, in order to justify this illusion of the separation of us from all other life here. My how big some people's Egos can get!

This secret scheme to turn Christian Mythology into accepted science and use it to discredit Darwin's theory came to light in the case of Tammy Kitzmiller, et al. v. Dover Area School District, et al. In 2004, the Dover, Pennsylvania school board established a policy that science teachers would have to read a statement to biology students suggesting that there is an alternative to Darwin's Theory of Evolution called Intelligent Design. Intelligent Design, or ID, claims that certain features of life are too complex to have evolved naturally, and therefore must have been designed by an intelligent agent. The Dover high school science teachers refused to comply with the policy and refused to read the statement. Parents opposed to the school board's actions filed this lawsuit in federal court. During the six week trial, it was revealed through their "expert" testimony and a hastily edited internal manuscript that this was a blatant attempt to force the teaching of Creationism as an alternative scientific theory to that of Darwin's Theory of Evolution. In 1987 in the case of Edwards versus Aguillard, the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional to teach Creationism in public school science class. This 2004 case involved the same group of people from the 1980's, and in their haste to edit out Creationism after that ruling, they made a major mistake. "In cleansing that manuscript, they failed to replace every word properly. It showed the word "creationists." And instead of replacing the entire word, they just kind of did this, and got "design proponents" with the "c" in front and the "ists" in the back from the original word. This transitional form is "Cdesign proponentsists." And everyone now refers to this as the "missing link" between Creationism and Intelligent design." It was now clearly evident that Intelligent Design was just another name for Creationism. In fact, in their own documents from the 1980's, they had written and said, that they themselves knew that this was not science*. Needless to say, this attempt to replace science with mythical ignorance failed yet again.

Throughout history, the teachers of Truth, have been attacked by the church with so many being tortured and murdered. Just look at what the church did to Copernicus and Galileo when their discoveries went against current religious teachings. Thankfully, today these matters are handled in a far more civilized manner, at least here in America. Even though this blatant attempt to quash the Truth and force ignorance onto the masses was prevented in 2004, this conspiracy of ignorance is very much alive and well today. Once Awakened, there will be countless obstacles to overcome on one's Path with Heart but the wise will not be deterred nor distracted and will continue to flow in the river of harmony and Oneness onward on the journey back home to our Source, our True Nature, Self, or God. We are One with everything and everyone in the Universe and can no more separate ourselves from this Reality, this Truth, than we can stop the sun from rising. Following The Way as taught by Jesus, The Way and it's Virtue(Tao Te Ching) as taught by Lao-tse, and this One Truth as taught by others throughout history is our only task in this material realm. Once begun, there is no turning back. As Jesus said, once one gets behind the plow, do not look back! How are your "eyes and ears"?



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