Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Motherly Source

When we meditate, the main purpose is to put us in touch with our Source, Self, True Nature, God, et al. This is the safest and most incredible "place", or state of mind, to be. This is where we all came from and where we all return as we journey through this unending cycle of birth and death as long as we are caught in the web of Karma. As we meditate, our Source bathes us in Love and always leaves us feeling invigorated and just a little bit wiser. I said in my introduction to this blog that I would occasionally share a personal spiritual encounter and I would like to share this one now.

Quite a few years ago when my TimberShepherd, Heidi, a very special wolf-hybrid, my loyal companion, my protector, and my soulmate was still a young adolescent, I was calmly sitting in an open area behind my house meditating. It was mid-Summer in the middle of a severe drought on a very calm, hot, and sunny day. There had been no rain for a long time and being caught under a huge high pressure system, there was not a cloud to be found within hundreds of miles. This is what we call the Summer doldrums here in South-Central Texas - a very monotonous and boring time for the local weathermen. They can pretty much leave the same forecast up for weeks and just go on vacation. It was in the high 90's and the air was dry and crisp. I had let Heidi out of her temporary pen so we could play and wrestle around for a while and she could continue getting used to running free. This was also part of her off-leash training but to her, it was just fun. After rolling around in the short, brown grass for a period of time, she went into her pen for some water, shade, and a nap. I took this opportunity to relax into my Center and meditate. I was without thought, living in the Present, and feeling so wonderfully One. After some time, my peace was interrupted by the realization that I was hot. As soon as I became aware of the heat, I felt something moist land on my forearm - then again and again. I looked up and out of nothing a very tiny grayish cloud had started forming directly overhead. I thought it must be a dream but then it started to sprinkle on me as a wave of coolness enveloped my entirety. I was beside myself but remained in my calm state as I observed this tiny cloud continue to form in the very middle of a completely clear blue sky. It was so beautiful! I felt like I was surrounded by this sphere of exhilarating cool mist. I looked around in all directions and not a drop was falling outside of a radius of twenty feet or so. This lasted only three or four minutes as I watched this welcome visitor dissipate just as quickly as it had formed. I was no longer hot now.

I have examined this event in ever way possible and gave up on finding any kind of rational explanation long ago. This was a gift. This was exactly what I had needed at exactly the instant I had needed it. Was this a miracle? If I was a religious man, I would say it was. Being a spiritual man instead, I know exactly what it was. I was One with Source in my meditation and when that connection was threatened by my realization of being hot, our Source, my Source, "wanted" me to stay home a little bit longer. Just as a Mother looks after her child's every need, Source came to my rescue with exactly what I needed. A miracle? No........just a "Mother" looking after "her" child.


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