Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Empty Space Revisited

I answered a question long ago on a Taoist Master's blog that ask, "What is the empty space?". I was relaxing just now when this question popped into my mind again. This imagery appeared to me of myself standing in the midst of our Source or God but with these layers of matter or energy separating me from the clear, untouched, and True Reality "outside" of me. These layers are a construct of the Ego in It's effort to gain control of everything. Therefore It puts up this wall to hide, limit, and distort our understanding of true Reality. This allows It to grab the wheel and jump into the driver's seat of our  vehicle of life and create It's own "reality".

I felt this same True Reality within me in my tan tien or Center and visualized this stream or flow connecting the "two". I then remembered the teachings of a Zen Master whose Community I am a member of. He said we are to become like a mirror inside our Core or Center of Being so that all perception of Reality is just reflected back exactly as it is. Of course we take notice but without any judgement or attachment. In fact, the clarity of this True Reality "outside" is sharper than a perfect photograph taken at the highest resolution imaginable and the "seeing" by our other senses is just as crisp. It then hit me what the empty space is. It is our True Nature. Our task here is to slowly remove this barrier layer by layer as we also work to tame our Ego through practices that calm and clear the mind. As this wall slowly comes down and the Ego slowly accepts It's new role as a casual observer, we begin to merge with this ancient and benevolent "entity". The Empty Space inside, the True Reality that dwells in the Center of us All. becomes One again with the infinite Empty Space that is our Source, God, or True Nature. The Ego retains It's "identity" yet experiences our natural Oneness with everyone and everything in this infinite Universe. This is "The Way" that a man eons ago discovered and followed in order to overcome the bondage of Karma and, thus, this material world. He appeared 2000 years ago and showed us "The Way" just as he had many times before under many different names, as he said. He was not the only one by far to overcome this world but relatively few have. This Way, though, has been passed down throughout the world and in every culture. Although the words and teaching methods are different everywhere, this One Truth, "The Way" as taught by Jesus, the "Way and it's Virtue" as written down by Lao-tse and taught by Chuang-tse, the teachings of Buddha, Mohammad, don Juan Mateus of Meso-America, and many more, remains available to All "with ears to hear" as Jesus said.

I have mentioned don Juan in many of my blog posts alongside Jesus, Lao-tse, and Buddha but I imagine many, if not most, of you have no idea who he is. don Juan Mateus is the Yaqui Native American Man of Knowledge or sorcerer that Carlos Castaneda met and inadvertently learned from in his famous Anthropological work, "The Teachings of don Juan: A Yaqui Indian Sorcerer". Now, do not let the word "sorcerer" bother you. Jesus could easily be called the same because of the "miracles" he demonstrated. He was crucified because of his works out of ignorance just like the witches in Salem, MA were hung for their wisdom. Wisdom frightens ignorant and stupid people so they immediately think it is evil. The Only Evil there is in this world is caused by the Egos of man, Period! Now, Meso-Americans like don Juan taught "The Way" in an easily understood way in my opinion. Instead of drops of water in the Infinite Sea of Self, Source, or God as I often use, they teach that we are bubbles of perception(Tonal or Ego) floating around in the Infinite Nagual(Source, etc). Their teachings in a very simplified description are to shrink the Tonal, which takes up the entire inside of the bubble of perception, until it takes up only one half of this space. Then they pierce the bubble so the Nagual can enter and fill up the now empty half of the bubble. A very interesting concept and one that is completely in line with the teachings of Jesus, et al. If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend that you read the first four books. Many places sell them as a set because they comprise the entire teachings. Carlos Castaneda's later books concern his personal Path with Heart - very interesting but not necessary.

Merging the "Empty Space" within with the Empty Space that is our True Nature is why we are here. It remains solely up to each of us to find our Path with Heart that is "The Way" and to stay true to it until we too overcome this world and go Home. This will likely take lifetimes of dedication to accomplish. It is the most difficult thing man can ever do but we do not belong here. This is real but it is not Reality. We live here because of the Ego so we must remove this sense of control from It because everything is already perfect. This perfection is at the Core of every one of us right now. It is not like we are going anywhere because we never left. The Ego, however, has created such a grand illusion that It blinds us to the God Within and creates every problem and every evil there is. Sure, the Path is long but the key is to find the right one and never look back, as Jesus said. Do this, and the Wisdom and blessings start coming and keep coming in ever increasing amounts as long as you stay true to your Path. This, along with the Love that continually increases too, you take with you when you die. Nothing Else! This continues on in your next life but you must stay true to your Path or you will fall. Do not look back! This Is the most important thing you can ever do - actually, the Only thing of value you can do. It is the most rewarding thing too in the Greatest of Ways! One last comment about your Path. You will always help your fellow man no matter who he/she is. This is just natural, our True Nature, because we are All One. Helping another is the exact same thing as helping yourself. Hurt another and you hurt yourself too!

I would like to quote the latest short teaching from the very wise Zen Master I spoke of earlier:

"Each new year is a gateless gate in eternity; Know that IT wisdoms as your Only Moment Body; Leap into IT; let IT empty you of yourself."
 ~ Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici, Ph.D.


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