Thursday, January 14, 2010

Please Help Haiti: Compassion is at the Core of Our True Nature

All teachings of the "One Truth" by every true Sage throughout history has focused on Compassion for our fellow men without regard to who they are . Compassion to the point of Pure Empathy is at the Core of our True Nature. I heard some of the initial broadcasts from Port-au-Prince near the epicenter of this massive earthquake and the horrific sounds of people everywhere weeping, praying, and screaming from unimaginable pain literally made me physically ill. My tan tien was feeling the suffering from people who are literally a part of me, and everyone else. The BBC was on the ground quickly and these hardened reporters were stunned at the sight of such devastation and sickened by the sights and sounds of such horrible injuries. There is literally a river of blood running in the streets that is coming from the bodies crushed under tons of concrete. There is a reporter on the radio right now trying to tell the story of this injured girl in front of him but is choking on his grief. Last night they interviewed the father of this little girl sitting on the ground next to him with compound fractures to both her legs, the bones sticking out, a severe gash in her head and skull, bleeding terribly, whimpering at times, screaming at others, and crying without stop. He said his other daughter was dead and he just did not know what to do. He was in shock. The entire country is in shock! And so am I!

Please do whatever you can to help these poor people. There are many groups on the ground right now. The Red Cross was already there and is hard at work doing what they do best, helping people. You can immediately donate $10 to them by texting: "Haiti" to 90999. You will receive a verification text immediately asking you to confirm your $10 donation by replying with "YES". You will immediately receive a confirmation that your cellphone bill will be charged this amount. They have received over a million dollars this way so far but this is just a start in the face of such a catastrophe. Doctors Without Borders and The Salvation Army have been and are there also needing help too. Whichever charity you choose, please choose one Now and make sure your donation is strictly for Haiti. We are One! We always have been and always will be so their suffering is literally our suffering. Please help! Please pray or meditate for them!


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