Monday, March 25, 2013

In Search of the Still Pond

In Search of the Still Pond

Wind keeps on

reminding the waves

something cryptic,

even the leaves

perking up their ears,

fail to grasp it!

Though wind

repeated it,

again and again,

leaves vacuously

rustled, remained silent.

The waves in a

spectacular pattern,

respond to wind,

desperately trying

to grab the truth.

Sitting on the shore,

between blue sea

and mountain peaks,

observing the grand play enchanting,

he feels excluded,

from this conversation,

that remains obscure;


between the wind and the waves.

"The meaning is right here,

but one hardly

gets it, unless

desire to attain it is overpowering"

in tears, she said

exasperated, not able to go beyond the shore.

"we are like waves and leaves,

give it a miss, get confused,

vision of ultimate truth is the crux,

unless the eyes are opened,

filled with light, one fails, has to repeat"

he replied, like one tasted failure many times.

"you've blindfolded

your eyes, willingly

and complain;

be patient

work on your

inner world,

let the light drive away the night"

the master smiled as he said.

"Roaring wind and waves

fire, earth and space,

the secrets they hold

are within the inner world"

At the end of narrow path

is the placid pond

where water is still:

truth absolute is reflected.

"Life after life,
one walks round and round
seeking that blue stillness,
where one would
see one's true self reflected,
when the moment arrives."

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